About Us

Welcome to Cookie we are a small agency comprised of web and design specialists. We pride ourselves in anything web related from design and development to SEO and Marketing. We have a firm belief that if your website isn’t producing results then what’s the point, That’s why we use our extensive knowledge and our 10+ years of experience on the web to produce results. In our digital age your company needs a web presence in order to expand beyond your local community, and even then people now turn to the internet to find products and services. Yes even local ones. That’s why we create responsive designs that look great no matter what device or screen size they are being viewed on.

We know that partnerships are key, that’s why our relationships don’t end when your project is complete we want to be there through every step you take and every milestone you make. Let us be your design and marketing powerhouse. We are professionals in all aspects of web and marketing, we can take care of your branding, collateral, promo products, advertising campaigns, trade show displays and much more.

We do much more than just build websites, We build businesses.

Our Process

Week 1 Initial Communication

  • 01 Contact Form

    This is where the process begins, give us a shout and let us know about yourself using our contact form and some one will be with you as soon as possible.

  • 02 Phone or Email

    Now its time to really get to know each other, tell us about you and your business. We would love to know about your ideas and goals for your website.

  • 03 Information Gathering

    We need a little more information from you, whats your demographic?, Who are your main competitors?, What features will be needed? We make this process easy with our interactive information packet. Take your time to think about your needs.

  • 04 Sign Agreements

    Before we get started we have some paperwork for you to sign, This is our terms of service, requirements overview, billing schedule, and website timeline.

Week 2 Research and Development

  • 01 Market Research

    We perform research on your target market as well as your competition, We see what works and what doesn’t, This way we are able to create a successful easy to manage website that will increase conversion and create loyal customers.

  • 02 Wireframing

    These are the beginning stages on the design of your website. This is where we layout content and see where it will all go. This will also give you a general idea on where your site is headed.

  • 03 Design

    Now its time for the design. This is where we choose colors, fonts, images, Icons and any other content needed for the site.

  • 04 Begin Development

    Now we are ready to start building. Development will be done on our staging servers. This allows us to build your site quickly while you monitor the progress.

Weeks 3 & 4 Testing and Deployment

  • 01 Testing

    Before we launch your site we need to make sure everything is working like it should. We perform rigorous tests to make sure all links go where they should, all forms submit, and your website performs as it should.

  • 02 Fixing bugs and errors

    After testing we come up with a list of things that need to be changed or adjusted. This is where the finishing touches are added and the site is prepped for deployment.

  • 03 Move to production

    Once everything is perfect the site is then moved to the production server and is ready for public consumption.

  • 04 Profit

    Now that everything is running it is now time to get the most out of your site. Start telling everyone, share on social media, be proud of your new site.

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