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Getting customers to perform tasks on your site is the most important thing it can do for you. Your website is there to represent you and drum up more business. If this isn’t happening then your website is just burning money with nothing in return. Here are just 5 simple steps you can use today to increase conversion and start getting the most out of your website.

1. Clean design and flow.

Having a clean and concise design and easy to find content shows professionalism, builds trust and lets users know what to do next. Clutter is the enemy keep it simple and to the point and watch conversions soar. Check out how the weather channel increased its subscription by 225%.

2. Adjust button size and color.

Color is everything, you want a button that is going to jump out and catch the attention of your visitors. A button that blends into your site will usually be ignored. Of course you shouldn’t make a button orange or red just because. It should match the overall design of your site and not seem out of place.

Mint.com has chosen to go with the classic orange. This matches their overall design and makes it very clear as to what it is they want you to do next. The orange color provides a contrast to the background so it doesn’t blend in and get lost in the content.

Chase.com knows that the very first thing most visitors want to do when they go to the site is log in and check account info. Hey have created a big button in their signature blue letting users know that this is where you sign in.

3. Change call to action wording.

A call to action is your attention getter, this is where you want your visitors to complete a task. Let them know what it is they are getting and raise excitement. If you are offering a free item such as an eboot for joining your mailing list, the button shouldn’t just be “sign up” or “join now” make it say “Send me my free book!” and watch your conversion rise.

4. Offer something usefull for free.

If you offer an information product or membership it is a good idea to provide a free sample. This could be a free chapter from your book or a free week of your service. All the big guys do it so why not you. Netflix and Hulu offer free trials for their service. Why? Because they know that after your trial you are going to come back for more. If you have a great product a free trial is a great way to get the foot in the door. Check out how getresponse.com inscreased clickthough by 47% by offering a free trial.

5. Use customer photos on your homepage.

Nothing builds trust like reviews from real people. Place these reviews along with a picture of your client or them using the product in order to increase trust and authority. A study conducted by Basecamp has shown that using a customer image can increase conversion by up to 102% check out the study Here.

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