How to get into product design

Dane WesolkoProduct Design

If you’ve ever wondered how to get into product design this is for you. The path to product design isn’t always clear-cut and straightforward. Many designers have transitioned from other fields, are self-taught, or attended universities for industrial design. While some have gone down completely different paths not even mentioned. If you’re someone looking to join the product side, let’s … Read More

What is product design in today’s modern age?

Dane WesolkoProduct Design

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion what it is that I do for work. You’d think that would be an easy question to answer. Especially since I’ve been a designer in some capacity for the last 15 years. But, it’s not that easy. Not because I don’t know how or want to. It’s that the title product designer … Read More

Interaction design, cognitive science and coffee?

Dane WesolkoInteraction design, UI/UX

Specializing in interaction design I’ve had no shortage of chances to create diagrams and flowcharts. They’re a pretty common deliverable and usually a good start for seeing how you might walk through tasks and decisions along the way. Did I think I would ever create one for my morning routine? No. I did and the outcome was quite interesting. Here’s … Read More

The story behind He Waited, My first NFT

Dane WesolkoCryptocurrency, Fine Art, NFT

Typically I’m not someone that’s known to be an early adopter or the type to jump on the bandwagon. Back in the first days of Bitcoin I had a friend that swore up and down I should get in. It was a brand new concept. Highly speculative and highly volatile. Something I knew nothing about and thought was a scam. … Read More

How rapid prototyping helps speed up design

Dane WesolkoProduct Design

Speed is a measurement that we are all familiar with. It’s a concept that defines how fast something moves from one point to another. Formula1 teams are constantly looking for one more second, athletes are always trying to get faster, the list could go on. It even shows up in product development. So, how can rapid prototyping speed up design? … Read More

What is the product design process?

Angel MendezProduct DesignLeave a Comment

With many technology companies reaching unicorn status more and more attention is being drawn to them. Likewise, there’s an increase in curiosity regarding the products they produce and the processes that create them. As a product designer working on enterprise digital products I’ll share some insight and perspectives on how products are launched, an overview of the product design process … Read More

How to fix: Download failed. Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable.

Angel MendezWordPress Errors2 Comments

When taking over maintenance for a website we will sometimes run into this error: Download failed. Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable. In version 3.5 a new variable was added to the wp-config.php file called WP_TEMP_DIR. The solution to this error is to add: /* Setup a temporary folder for uploading and updating */ … Read More


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Getting customers to perform tasks on your site is the most important think it can do for you. Your website is there to represent you and drum up more business. If this isn’t happening then your website is just burning money with nothing in return. Here are just 5 simple steps you can use today to increase conversion and start getting the most out of your website.